The Lincoln Electric Solution

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Automate part positioning for each step of assembly process.

Visually guide operators step-by-step, weld-by-weld.

Provide on-screen verification for each phase of the welding process.

Synchronize Positioning

Standardize Procedures

Verify Performance

Power Lift

HZA Positioning

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Weld Sequencing Software

  • Create step-by-step weld instructions
  • Provide real-time operator feedback and weld verification 
  • Program automatic weld procedure adjustments for each weld

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  • Servo-drive performance, hydraulic price level
  • Optimize part position and eliminate out-of-position welding
  • Improve operator comfort and safety

Power Wave®

Advanced Process Welders

  • Maximize productivity with industry-leading weld performance and process customization.
  • Optimize arc performance with superior Waveform Control Technology®
  • Make data-driven decisions with real-time CheckPoint® Production Monitoring technology

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